About four years ago I help a friend's father to move some of his hives and the bug bit me!

In the beginning of summer last year I bought a breeding hive from one of the local bee keepers and left it next to a wild swarm at a co-worker's home with the idea that they would move to my hive in time - a month later the bees were gone and the hive full of termites!

Beginning of December I put the hive next to a meter box that housed an old settled swarm - On enquiring at the end of January I were told the council killed the swarm two days after placing my hive!

At the beginning of February 2006 I received a call from somebody that wanted to get rid of two wild swarms and three hives - the beginning of my bee keeping story! Lucky for me there was only one wild swarm in an old tractor tyre filled with dirt that I unfortunately had to poison (and to make sure no birds got to!)

I placed my new hives about 50m away from the house on a nice big rock and go there quite often to say hi!









As seen on the photo's the hives needs some attention:

I must say this is a bloody difficult swarm! Never knew they could sting through a jean, four times! This hive can be used as is for now but will need replacement quite quick!






I definitly learned a lot with the loading and transporting of the swarms - just gives you a idea of the amount of learning still due! For example the weight of a full hive and super! Do not try and move it alone!

As I work and look after my new "families" the story will be told here, and will appreciate any comment. As Herman, the previous owner of these hives said: "Anything you read will be just the other way round in real live!"


The hive on the right must be replaced as soon as my empty hive are repaired after the termite episode. (This was also a nice calm swarm to work with)
The hive on the left can be used as is for a while yet and only needs a super! (This is a nice calm swarm!)
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