We stay on a piece of land just outside Nelspruit on the Barberton road of which the bank got no say on anymore!

The main farm produce is patience - the only thing we  have time
(money) for!
It sounds like the story about Noah's ark:

120,000 Bees (approximate)
Dogs - "Moemfie", "Shadow"
We have a new cat "Stoffeltjie" - definitely a farm cat . . . 
6 chickens
2 Jersey bull calves - the one is nearly a month old
1 Jersey cow, Rose - she eventually had a calve!
Daisy, Rose's daughter! (Dexter cross)
7 Merinos, (4 new lambs end September 2009)

A new horse - Spikkels - she had a foal 25 August 2009
5 Pigs - 2 potbellies and 3 crossbred uglies   

2 Taiwanese Rat Snakes! - the paired on the 29th August 2009

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